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Covid- 19 and Qigong

The COVID pandemic in the United States has been going now for 6 months. Initially we were all cautious and observed the STAY AT HOME orders. Over the last several months we continue to be vigilant and cautious and it is natural to wonder if our world will ever be the same. Recent studies show that suicide, substance abuse, suicidal thoughts and depression are increasing. How can Qigong help.?

The practice of Qigong involves both internal and external types. Internal Qigong is learning how to release blockages of energy in the body through breathing, movement, meditation, and sound for yourself. There are many videos available on Youtube, but nothing replaces practice with a teacher and others. I offer classes conducted through ZOOM that are easy to access, and easy to follow. Through classes you can learn techniques that you can use on your own. Remember the old saying- you feed a man fish and he eats one day but if you teach him to fish he eats everyday.

In this time of fear and anxiety it is so powerful to have control over something. Through qigong classes you can learn to relax and enter a calm flow. Qigong is easy. You don't have to get upside down like in yoga, or sweat extensively like you do at the gym. Even though qigong is easy on the body, health benefits such as increased strength, flexibility and stamina are documented in research. I am on the research committee for the National Qigong Association and we review studies that document current research on the benefits of qigong to lower blood pressure, improve mood, and even decrease shortness of breath with lung diseases. I have worked in drug rehab settings where learning qigong has helped many people stay sober.

External qigong is also referred to as medical qigong treatment. Many people benefit from this treatment when they are encountering stress and inflammatory illnesses that they cannot overcome alone. These treatments are provided in person at my studio. You can also find Medical Qigong practitioners on the NQA website for your area.

Contact me at with your questions fopr upcoming blog posts.

Now is the time to start a practice that will benefit you for the rest of your life. A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.

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